I stayed until about 10PM last night, together with my father-in-law and had a final conversation with the nurse-in-charge about Julia’s status. She was doing great, although still unable to breathe on her own. The nurse confirmed that Julia should be awake by morning as they were continuously dropping the dosage of her medication, as well as the supply of oxygen. I asked: “What if she doesnt?” and the nurse reassured: “She should”, and he continued “and should she not, we will give her medication to counteract the Morphine she’s getting and get her to wake up. All children respond different to these medications and Julia is just very senstive to them.”.

I went home and with much anxiety we prepared to go back to the hospital this morning. My mother-in-law was already there and we ended up being much later than expected due to a deep sleep overnight, cold weather outside and our inability to get a cab during rain and 11AM in the morning. Finally, a taxi-driverwas confirmed for our call and would be there in 10 minutes. Shortly after the service-call ended, the driver called me and confirmed he’d be there within the minute, as he stayed just opposite our place, so we rushed downstairs and went on our way. I could barely contain myself, being so excited to go see my baby daughter again, and hopefully more awake this time. Well, I expected no more than the hope for her to be able to breathe on her own, and boy was I rewarded!

While Rehana went and buy a few things from the provision shops at the hospital, I rushed to my baby’s bedside and there she was, eyes closed, but small bubbles on her mouth, a good indication that she was breathing on her own. When I spoke a few words to her, I could see her face slightly responding and saw her face slightly change: a cry was about to arrive! I could barely hear her tiny voice over the big machines and the fact that she’s still so weak did not make that any easier. She moaned a little out of discomfort and it was the best sound I’ve ever heard! Actually, it was double-feeling: I felt so emotionally happy to hear her voice, yet so sad to see her in discomfort. I assured myself that the medication is preventing her from experiencing any pain but that she’s just sad to be in such a different situation from when she fell asleep.

Just a few days ago, she closed her eyes after a good meal, lying in her mothers arms in the scrubs that the doctors gave and then the next thing she wakes up with oxygen tubes going in her nose and pain everywhere. My poor baby must’ve been so shocked! I went outside to see if Rehana was already back from the shops and when I did not yet see her, I called her and informed her about the good news. Her relief was obvious through the phone and she came as quickly as she could. Upon her arrival we went inside Julia’s room, and there she was, eyes open and looking around!! Her expression so sad, and tiny tears in the corners of her eyes, but awake! I could barely restrain myself from picking her up and kissing all over her face, and wiping her tears away, but I knew that my patience would have to remain present for a little longer..

Conclusion: She’s awake! Ok, more information: She’s doing good and is no longer on the oxygen tubes going into her throat and is totally off the Morphine. She’s still very weak, but responsive to our presence and voices. The tubes from her chest should be removed in the afternoon and hopefully sometime today they’ll be able to give her a little bit of water to see if her digestive system is responding ok after the surgery. If that is the case, she can finally drink some milk through a tube within a day or so, I hope! Her blood pressure is stable but slightly higher, so she’s getting some medication to help lower that. I understand. Her heart has been pumping much harder than it should over the past few weeks and now that things are a lot easier, the heart still is used to the heavy pumping. So it needs to learn that less effort creates the same result.. We’ll be patient, but at her bed-side for sure!

Welcome back baby girl! We missed you like crazy!