So, you may all know I’m a gadget freak.. I created this page for those other Gadget-freaks out there that want to get an idea what I keep at home 🙂 Enjoy, and be sure to leave me a comment!

O2 Xda Atom

O2 Xda AtomSo, my wife and I both own an O2 Xda Atom.. A gorgeous device that allows you to call, play games, listen to music, read books, surf the web and send messages, all at the same time 😛 Well, theoratically it could, but in practice it’s pretty hard to keep up with all that multi-tasking stuff! We both have a 1GB Kingston Mini-SD card inside as well, to host our favorite podcasts, games, mp3s, videos, and dont know what else.. We bought it when it just came out, in December 2005 and rushed to the shop to get one.. Finally, coming home and unpacking, we realized that it may not have been the best buy ever, when the device turned out to be slow, buggy and low quality! However, after a few weeks, the first ROM updates came up and after several patches, this is probably my number 2 favorite device in the house, with No 1 being my modified Xbox, running Xbox Media Center (XBMC).

Samsung YH-J70

J70 information here

Benq DE350

DE350 information here

Canon IXUS S65

S65 information here

Canon iZoom

iZoom information here

Canon Digital Camera

Video-camera information here

Toshiba Home Theatre

Home-Theatre information here


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Pocket Loox 600

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