It’s been a long long time since I posted anything on my blog, and a recent upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, together with a clean-up in Facebook seem to be a good starting ground for me to start writing some messages on my blog again! So, here we go! I hope you’ll enjoy a few updates from me every now and then. If not, well erm… Well, let me know in that case ;P

Things are going great for us lately, we moved to our own house in May 2008 and we’re happy campers! The house is great, the facilities are excellent and we’ll only be stuck to a major loan for the upcoming 30 years!! Furthermore, we’ve received a new commitment for life: a beautiful little girl by the name of Julia was born into this world on the 19th of November 2008, one day before Rehana’s birthday. At the day of her birth, she weighed 3.285kg and measured 50cm tall. By now, she’s surpassed 3.4kg and is around 54cm and counting!

She was diagnosed with heart problems even before birth tho, and is scheduled to go into surgery on 22nd December, so another week to go. Scary as hell I can tell you and there’s not a moment in the day that I dont think about my fears to lose her so shortly after she’s made us so happy. But we cant think that way.. The doctors in this country are great and the medical care is excellent too. She’s a strong little girl and I’m sure she’ll be alright! We just have to focus on the positive and pray to God that things will turn out alright..

Anyways, I’ll try and keep everyone posted through this new way of posting to Facebook and other places and as soon as I have something useful to say, you’ll read a new message here!

Want to read more of my ramblings? Make sure to leave me a comment, email, note or message as that’ll be the drive to keep telling people about me and my life 😉 Till soon!